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Monday, April 22, 2002
Jeez!!! it took me forever to get to this page. ugh! so annoying. I couldn't figure it out. Well, I don't really know why i'm posting. I wonder if anyone even reads this. I'm trying to figure out what the whole "Team" thing is about. It looks kind of cool cause then maybe people could like reply to my posts and stuff. I think there's a HUGE chance that no one will ever read any of this so whatever. Well, I gonna look around this site and see what else is going on....
Well, I guess I should get going now. Gotta have lunch or something. blah.....
you know what is annoying? my friend spells "blah" like this: "bla"!! that's not how you spell it! come on! She says that's how you spells it but she is so wrong. it's very annoying because she always has to be right. oh well.

So yes, I'm signing off now and BTW I know that everyone can read this now so ha! I should be careful what info I give out and I well.

Ok so, bye! I have so much to write but you'll have to wait. good afternoon USA! woo! hoo! yeah!
once again, I am totally confused. can other people really read what I'm writing or can only i read it? I'll have to figure it our some how.

ugh, I have a lot I could write about but it's so hard to know where to start. Ok let's just start typing and ideas will come. it's like, have you seen the movie Finding Forrester? it's like in that movie. just type okay. So I used to think that I wanted to be a writer some day and write novels and maybe write for newspapers but now I really have no idea what I want to do. But I mean I was so into the whole writing thing. I mean I even started to write a novel, I still have it saved on my computer. I had like 59 pages in it I think, but I just gave up I guess. I can't really remember what got in the way and why I really stopped writing it. It could've been such a great novel too. But I just gave up, like I always do, just forgot about it and everything. But jeez, it would've been great to have actually written the whole thing and then maybe had my mom read it and my dad. Then they could tell me if I even had a little chance of being a published author someday. But no, I gave up. I thought, "this isn't good enough," and "you'll never finish it anyways." And I guess I was right.

Well, isn't this a depressing little post. A record of one of my many failures. It's weird how sometimes, often actually, you can only think about the awful things you've done and the times you've given up. You just totally forget the good things and the times you've succeeded. What is that about anyways? hmm, I guess I'll be posting this now then.
well, I think I am starting to understand how this thing works now. And now I know that if I click "post & publish" is allows anyone around here to read this. Since I plan to just publish most everything I write here, I'd better lay down some ground rules. Basically, the only thing I'm willing to tell you about myself, where I live, my family, etc. is this:

I'm a 17 year old female and I live in Minnesota.

that's all you're getting, so tough luck if you wanted to know more. lol. i'm actually a nice person, most of the time....

So anyways, I guess i'm just gonna start writing very random things and I don't care if you read it or not. so yeah, i love Michelle Branch music, if you haven't heard of her, i'll cry so don't tell me. ((how would you anyways? O_o)) Anyways I think she is just VERY VERY talented! She plays the guitar and I just wish so bad that I could play like she does. I'm hopefully taking guitar lessons this summer, but i've gotta get a summer job too so we'll see. I use my Dad's old BIG guitar when i play. I know 6 chords! wow! special! I know it doesn't seem like anything but at least I know something.

Those of you wondering now, if I'm a runaway or high school drop out you can stop wondering now cause I do go to school. I'm sick today, so I'm not there.

So my dog died a couple months ago. She was just the best dog ever. She was 14 years old and we had to get her put to sleep. pretty sad, you know? well....maybe you do if your a dog owner....assuming you don't like hate your dog or something.

hmm...anyways, I have a pet rabbit. yay. he's awesome.

I guess I'll just post this now and maybe look around this site a bit.
hmm, I really have no idea what I'm doing here. i've never used this program before and I'm just wondering if it's gonna cost me any money. I doubt it, they didn't have me put my adress any where, so how could they bill me? ha. I knew I was smart.
I wonder if anyone else but me will get to read this. oh well, I don't really care since this is going to so boring no one in his/her right mind would sit and read it. That's okay, I'm boring, don't feel bad for me.
Ok so I guess I'll just post this thing and see how it all works out!


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